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Teach Every Nation (TEN) is a global Christian education program that trains pastors and church leaders to disciple and grow the Christian church. Innovative Christian education equips Christians to impact their communities.

Our StoryTEN Campus


We seek to teach the nations to observe the Word in accordance with the Great Comission (Matthew 28:19-20)


With our 30+ global faculty members, the content was developed to be transformative in different cultural settings.


Our content is built to be fully relevant and applicable so that the student cannot help but have their life changed.

What people are saying…

“I thank God for TEN, it has really transformed my life and the lives of many people through me. I have a dream to raise leaders of integrity in my nation. Leaders who have been impacted by the word of God, to make a difference in the spiritual lives of the entire nation. I was able to plant 35 churches in one year after attending the TEN course How to Multiply Your Church. I want to encourage you to be part of this, your life will never be the same again.” DISMAS S. – Tanzania

“My favourite (TEN) course is Anyone Can Become a Great Communicator. If you cannot communicate you cannot attract people, and if you cannot attract people you cannot bring people to where the Lord wants them to be. That is why I want to be a great communicator. And that is a blessing to me and to the rest of the people that will hear me communicate.”  RWOMUSHANA K. – Uganda


“Nothing is more strategic to fulfilling the Great Commission than the training of millions of pastors and church leaders who cannot access or afford traditional academic institutions.” Dr. Bruce Wilkinson

Bible School on Wheels is…


We exist to carry out Christ’s Great Commission. This is the focus and heartbeat behind what we do, the decisions we make, and the impact we strive to achieve.


We focus on the most urgent needs with opportunity for the biggest impact. By prioritizing our mission, we can be more successful in achieving our goals.


We concentrate on growth in the areas that will have a massive impact and that can be replicated. We believe by focusing on what can be exponential, we will achieve our goals faster and more effectively.


We connect & relate with others where they are. Both locally and globally, we know people and lives are what matter. We build our relationships on love and grace.


The Bible School on Wheels is an innovative teaching curriculum, to equip Pastors and Leaders to fulfil their ministry.

Core Courses

Available on DVD or USB stick in the BSOW box.

Elective Courses

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