Bible School on Wheels (BSOW) was introduced in our area late 2023, attracting 100 pastors, leaders, and Bible college students to a conference. Subsequently, 12 Bible colleges were established.

Soon thereafter, 60 pastors from 17 cities convened in Pune, leading to the establishment of 14 Bible schools. The pastors found the resources invaluable for their day-to-day ministry, citing their effectiveness in nurturing strong leadership. Furthermore, one of the pastors now has ten young leaders who gather early every Friday for Bible school before heading to work, growing in faith and leadership skills.

We have also launched BSOW in Aurangabad with 110 leaders and pastors, resulting in seven Bible schools starting under the leadership of 33 deans. Among them, one is dedicated to leaders from Jesus Calls Prayer Tower.

Pastor Joseph Pawar says, “We have BSOW lined up to start in more towns in the next few months. We are grateful to God and TEN Ministries for sharing BSOW resources with our pastors and leaders in Maharashtra.”

Let us continue to sow the seeds of faith and leadership, transforming communities throughout Maharashtra and beyond.