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DISCover Yourself and Others

Discover how you can build stronger, healthier relationships. Using a highly-effective personality discovery tool, you learn about your own unique strengths and weaknesses and recognise how God has given you freedom to be exactly who you were made to be.

DISCover Yourself and Others elective: download application

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Become A Transformed Woman

Women were uniquely and lovingly created by God to make a difference in the world.

Study Hebrews 12:1-3 and you will discover some very practical steps to make an eternal difference in the lives of those you touch on a daily basis.

Transformed Woman elective: download application

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Foundations of Youth Ministry

Learn the Biblical foundations for youth ministry and the fundamentals needed to interact with today’s youth. Learn how to relate to youth and reach them at different stages of their lives. Explore how to mentor and motivate while ensuring they feel safe and understood.

Foundations of Youth Ministry elective: download application

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Royal Lessons of Leadership: 40 Lessons from the Kings of Judah

Look at the Kings of Judah and learn lessons from their leadership that you can apply today. Both the victories and failures of these kings give insights that apply to everyone, whether pastors, church or business leaders or family.

Royal Lessons of Leadership elective: download application

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Equipping Leaders: Leaving a Legacy

Discover how to find the next generation of leaders, motivate them, train them so they too can finish the race. This wealth of practical experience will help you grow as a leader and establish a legacy that will impact generations to come!

Equipping Leaders: Leaving a Legacy elective: download application

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