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Bible School on Wheels #3

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The 7 Laws of the Teacher

A “classic” is something that has been around for a while, is highly esteemed for its value, and has had a long-standing impact in people’s lives. With that being the case, The 7 Laws of the Teacher certainly qualifies as a classic. For two decades, this teaching series has changed the way teachers and facilitators understand and approach their teaching. And many lives—both students and teachers—have been changed as well!

The challenges encountered by teachers today are daunting. Teachers are faced with issues like teaching in a world inundated with technology, constant changes in our knowledge base, global and economic information overload, and a multitude of distractions. It’s a challenge to be an effective and engaging teacher. Walk Thru the Bible can help!

The 7 Laws of the Teacher is the answer to an age-old question—how to teach so that students learn, retain information, and have passion for learning! We are pleased that you have joined us for a transformational experience. Through this course, you will learn seven essential principles that will forever change the way you approach your teaching and will help your students enjoy learning. Welcome to The 7 Laws of the Teacher!

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