At this inspiring event attended by 400 missionaries, GCAX fostered intentional collaboration between churches and mission organizations, equipping them with the essential tools for effective church multiplication.

Join us in celebrating this powerful union of church organizations and missionaries, as they work together to multiply their impact across the globe.

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Teach Every Nation (TEN) representatives Martin Deacon, along with Lee and Brigette Helling,
recently participated in the GCAX (Global Alliance for Church Multiplication) event held in Dallas,
USA. This dynamic event brought together over 100 church organizations, uniting them to exchange
tools and strategies for church multiplication.

TEN took the opportunity to introduce its innovative Bible School on Wheels (BSOW) program to this
diverse group of delegates. Each participant received a Superbook along with a letter guiding them
on how to access the courses. We kindly ask for your prayers, that these resources may serve as an
inspiration to many, empowering them to tap into the wealth of knowledge available through Teach
Every Nation.