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The Testing of your Faith

As the number and severity of trials continue to increase around the world, our encounter with these “tests of faith” can become grievous and challenging. It’s easy to fall prey to complaining, grumbling, and blaming. And then we question: Why are we being tested? If God were good, would He have allowed this? Is God still in control?

Besides Christ, the Apostle Paul experienced more trials and “tests of faith” than anyone in the New Testament. Through those trials, Paul rose to unlock many of the Biblical secrets of how to think about these tests and how to overcome and obtain victory through them.

In Teach Every Nation’s course The Testing of Your Faith, Bruce Wilkinson shares these Biblical secrets of God’s plan for our perfection. Beginning with a foundational passage in James, “Count it all joy when you fall into various trials,” Bruce leads us through Scripture, revealing life applications and power tools to become an Overcomer for Christ!

Releasing God’s Abundant Blessings

Based on and taught by the author of the best-selling Christian book, The Prayer of Jabez!


We all want to live a life that is full of blessings from our heavenly Father.  And the Bible teaches we are commanded to ask for “good gifts” from God.  But what does the Bible teach about actually asking God to open His Hand and how we receive these gifts from Him? 

Join Bruce Wilkinson in Teach Every Nation’s 8-session, Bible-based video course, Releasing God’s Abundant Blessings, as he delves into 1 Chronicles 4:9-10 to guide us through what Scripture teaches about how to pray for, and receive, more of God’s blessings.  And, in the second part of each session, learn practical steps for maximizing those blessings. 

Based on the New York Times bestseller, The Prayer of Jabez, this course reveals how God wants us to enlarge our territory – not only personally, but in ministry and in business—and how to release God’s favor, power, and protection from evil in all areas of our life.

Experience God’s miraculous power and receive the blessings  He longs to give each of us!

A Biblical Portrait of Marriage

Discover Six Universal Secrets for Success in Any Marriage!

Marriage today certainly looks very different across the world — but every couple wants to be happy in their relationship and successful in their marriage no matter where they live. Did you know that the Bible teaches six fundamental principles for how to succeed in marriage? Regardless of the culture or nation, these six Biblical principles remain relevant throughout time. It’s how God Himself organized all marriages to work!

In Teach Every Nation’s course, A Biblical Portrait of Marriage – International Version, Bruce and Darlene Wilkinson reveal God’s amazing design for marriage. Rooted in scripture and based on decades of global and practical teaching experience, Bruce and Darlene outline the principles and problem-solving strategies that build a successful marriage.

BreakThru to the Next Level


Are you frustrated that you can’t seem to break through a barrier in your life, business or ministry?  You’re not alone.  We all hit walls in life that we can’t seem to overcome, no matter how hard we try.  And, before you know it, in the struggle to move the immovable, burnout can occur. 

Did you know the Bible teaches us how to break through those major obstacles, to gain productivity in all areas of our life?

In Teach Every Nation’s dynamic, 8-session course, BreakThru to the Next Level, join Bruce Wilkinson as he shares many of the powerful secrets he has learned over the decades. Bruce reveals through Biblical teaching that obstacles are often personal invitations from God to grow, to overcome, and to reach new heights that otherwise seem to be out of reach.  Taken from the lives of key Biblical and contemporary leaders, discover lifechanging methods that can be used to experience major “breakthrus” in every area of your life.

This third course in the “Personal Success” series will reveal powerful truths that will radically change your life forever as you BreakThru to the Next Level!

Anyone can Teach so Students Excel!

Anyone can become an effective teacher. In this course, you will discover two power tools that anyone can use to help maximize learning:

  • Whether you teach students, employees, children, or church members, knowing The Law of Retention will equip you with both a mindset and methods to teach, so they will never forget what’s important. Learn how to help others remember, internalize and maximize their learning experience.

  • The Law of Equipping helps teachers move from simply delivering content to transforming their students into skilled and motivated learners.

For decades, Bruce Wilkinson has applied these laws to help millions of people teach better, by discovering how to turn complex content into memorable and mind-easy segments.
Yes, teachers can become LifeChange Agents, and their students can touch thousands of second-generation students!