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Stream 70×7: Finding Peace by Forgiving Others and Yourself

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Discover forgiveness that is for real and forever.

Something happened. It might have been yesterday. It might have been years ago. But it hurt. And it changed you. And unless you forgive those who wronged you, the heart wound will become infected and spread.

Eventually, you can become a prisoner of your own wounded heart. Eventually you can become a prisoner of your own wounded heart. But the Good News is, it is not finished.

In his creative, story-driven, highly morivating style, Bruce Wilkinson reveals from the words of Jesus Christ how you can find the freedom and peace your heart longs for.

Join us for this life-changing Teach Every Nation course.


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Course teacher: Dr Bruce Wilkinson

Founder and Chairman of Teach Every Nation

International ministry leader and award-winning author Dr Bruce Wilkinson founded TEN as the culmination of four decades of proven global ministry and training ‘best practices. Bruce founded TEN in 2013 because he believes that “nothing is more strategic to fulfilling the Great Commission than the training of millions of pastors and church leaders who cannot access or afford traditional academic institutions.”

Bruce has given keynote addresses at major national and international events with stadium audiences of 80,000 or more. His breakout book, The Prayer of Jabez, was the fastest-selling book in history with worldwide sales exceeding 20 million. He has written more than 70 books that have been translated into 30 languages, including several books that reached the number one spot on the bestseller lists of The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and USA Today.

In addition to being in demand as a speaker and writer, Bruce is a gifted leader and trainer. He built the largest religious seminar organization in the world, Walk Thru the Bible. He trained 100,000 professional teachers in Teaching for Life Change, and launched and led the global initiative WorldTeach which recruited and trained more than 30,000 indigenous leaders in 83 nations to conduct life skills courses. He also chaired CoMission, a movement in which 87 national organizations joined together to train Russian teachers on ethics and teaching methodologies.

Bruce has been a featured guest on major television and radio shows and has held private meetings with foreign presidents, as well as key leaders in the U.S. government.