Breaking the Chains: A Personal Journey of Forgiveness with 70×7 Course

The first session of the course 70×70 on The shocking Revelation about Forgiveness really touched me. I didn’t want to forgive. I didn’t want to take the first step. But then I heard the story of Dawn… that opened my eyes because I didn’t want to be delivered into the hands of the torturers like Dawn. I decided to take the first step of forgiveness to let the other person out of the cage and free myself. It wasn’t easy but I feel so much better.

Empowering Motherhood through Enhanced Communication Skills with “Anyone Can Become a Great Communicator”

As a mother, through this course I have learned how to be a teacher to my children, how to change my body language when helping them at home with schoolwork, and at the same time how to be a mother. I have also learned how to be a good listener. My children were very surprised when they heard the change in my voice tone. I have learned that my voice is a powerful tool. I now know how to draw people closer to God, and to make the word more interesting to the world.

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