Equipping Leaders

Leaving a Legacy

Discover how to find the next generation of leaders, motivate them, train them so they too can finish the race. This wealth of practical experience will help you grow as a leader and establish a legacy that will impact generations to come!


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Download the workbook

Download the 21-page, full colour, printable workbook.

Download the 8 video sessions

Equipping Leaders by Tom Mullins: The Key to Motivate and Cultivate New Leaders Ever wondered what your legacy will be? In this thought-provoking 8-session course, Coach Tom Mullins shares his years of practical experience to help you grow as a leader and teaches the principles that will help you establish a legacy that will impact generations to come!

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Course teacher: Tom Mullins

Course teacher: Tom Mullins

TOM MULLINS is the founding pastor of Christ Fellowship church. Christ Fellowship is a multi-site church of more than 30,000 people meeting on seven campuses around South Florida, one in New York City, and online around the world. 

Before founding Christ Fellowship, he was a successful football coach at both the high school and collegiate levels. He is also the co-founder of Place of Hope, a residential community of homes for neglected and abused children, in Palm Beach County, Florida, and Place of Hope International, which places children’s homes around the world.

Tom is currently serving as President of EQUIP, to guide national and international leaders in creating a transformation movement within their own nation. He continues to travel and speak nationally and internationally on their behalf, diligently working to raise up Christian leaders around the world.

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