Students from Lattitude Leadership Academy share their experience of attending the recording of the new TEN course on Apologetics by Josh McDowell at the TEN Campus.

The time at the TEN Campus was incredible.  I have learned that the Bible is trustworthy! And it cannot change. And Jesus: HE WAS GENUINE!

~ Nolundi

The people who work at the campus really have this talent to welcome you and make you feel at home; it’s like you are joining a big family! Thank you! This new TEN course has also confirmed for me that God is the same – yesterday, today and forever.

~ David

I have learned that the Bible really is a reliable source of actual events.

~ Kalee

My opinion of the Bible has changed completely; even though I believed in it before, I now have proof that the stories are true instead of fiction. I’ve learnt to put more trust in the Scriptures as they speak the truth and provide answers. The Bible is the most potent force against atheism. I can say with all honesty that the resurrection is indeed true due to the substantial evidence for it.

~ Zane

I can say that “yes” the Bible is indeed trustworthy! I’ve learned so much about the discoveries that prove the living God!


Before I would always ask myself: who wrote the Bible and where did they get all this information? But after Josh McDowell showed us the evidence, it really helped to answer all the questions I had, even the ones I was scared of asking. I know now that the Bible is trustworthy! I know the truth!

~ Mvelo