Patty’s family has been and continues to go through life-changing and tragic events. “I thought I knew how to forgive, and have been pretty good at forgiving, until we walked through the unforgivable.  I want to take you back 3-4 years and share how this came to be for our family.”

She relates: “It was a worship weekend, I was walking down the aisle to be seated, I had a great deal of difficulty even coming to church, being around people, finding any outward joy or even wanting to get out of bed some days. I had never experienced this level of grief. As I continued walking, June and another woman came into the aisle, gently took me, wrapped me in their arms and said so lovingly: ‘We have been watching you, you are struggling with something devastating that you’re having a hard time dealing with, and we want you to know we are here for you, we want to help and we love you.’”

Patty believes that the Lord had set up this meeting to prepare for what was to come. “It always amazes me how He works, who He uses and the resources He makes available through many,” she said. “I embraced what the Lord was about to do through them and what I and my family needed. I chose to embrace the Lord at work. I told these women, ‘Yes, I’m having an incredibly hard time and just broke down right there, in their arms. They didn’t ask for details, nor could I share.”

June said to Patty, “I have a study on forgiveness that I want you and your family to go through and I want to bring it to you.”

She told Patty that the 70×7 course had managable short sessions. She explained that when you go through something this tragic, your brain changes and it is difficult to handle more than one task at a time, you are so overwhelmed; you can’t concentrate, think or make decisions.

After that day, each week at church, June would ask Patty if they had gone through that week’s 70×7 session and checked in to see how they were doing.

Patty said: “Most people will not pick up a study like this on their own, especially after having gone through such trauma.  We have to make it easy, accessible, affordable and attainable. We have to get it in their hands. This is why I am filled with such joy that our church is offering 70×7 for anyone!”

“As my family, went through each 70×7 session, we found all our questions, our fears, our confusions addressed and answered … every single one of them! I had no idea what it truly meant to forgive everything and everyone, whether they deserved it or not. Whether it was right or wrong. Whether fair or unfair. Eventually, I forgave and my family has forgiven all that needs to be forgiven … truly! We are free from bondage and slavery. This series pointed out how the Lord intended for us to forgive and be set free. What a joy that was!”

“When I run into someone who I know is struggling with something, I purchase this course for them. I believe that, after many walk through this course, they will not only be free and forgive what needs to be forgiven, but they will make many contributions to the Kingdom of God by turning around and helping others.”

“I think you might be surprised to see the miracles that come from 70×7, the lives you see changed, the outward joy seen in so many. I believe that you will see more people wanting to serve the Lord and get back into the ministry, or enter it for the first time.”

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