Foundations of Youth Ministry

Winning, Discipling and Equipping the Next Generation for Christ.

Learn the Biblical foundations for youth ministry and the fundamentals needed to interact with today’s youth. Learn how to relate to youth and reach them at different stages of their lives. Explore how to mentor and motivate while ensuring they feel safe and understood.


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This poster’s concise but very meaningful message will remind adults to reach out to the needs of young people.



This beautiful poster will sharpen your focus through 10 illuminating quotes concerning the importance of ministry to youth. Download and display this full-colour work of art, and it will serve as a reminder to all who read it to strategically minister to the next generation!


The time of one’s youth need not be wasted; there is much that can be accomplished for Christ, even when one is young! This poster will inspire teens and young adults to live up to their full potential as followers of Christ. 



Download the workbook

Download the 21-page, full colour, printable workbook.

Download the 8 video sessions

Join Cassie Carstens and other African leaders who have ministered to youth in extra-ordinary ways. Hear what makes their youth ministry pull, keep and grow teenagers. Be exposed to the trends in youth culture and the new challenges youth have to deal with. Learn some of the best practices in youth ministry and make sure you are covering the essentials. This course is for pastors, parents and youth leaders. If Africa is going to be saved we cannot loose the next generation.

To enter the VIMEO source page and download the video you will need a password. Your password for Foundations of Youth Ministry  is: thedream

Course teacher: Cassie Carstens

Course teacher: Cassie Carstens

CASSIE CARSTENS has been in full time ministry for more than 35 years. He has served as a church pastor and as a leader of national and international Christian, sports-related evangelical movements.  He founded and directed the International Sports Leadership School, and in recent years Cassie has travelled the world, encouraging and training churches to unify around sports outreach to transform communities and nations under Global Church Sports.

Of late, Cassie’s primary focus has been on addressing the global pandemic of fatherlessness, in doing so started the movement now known as The World Needs A Father (TWNAF) and authored an eponymous book, which thoroughly addresses the issue of fatherlessness. As an international speaker, trainer and strategist, Cassie believes that leaders determine success and that the right values ensure the future. Cassie is married to Jenny and has 3 biological children, an adopted daughter, and 3 grandchildren.

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