Through doing 70×7 as part of Bible School on Wheels #1, I was able to forgive my grandfather
for abusing me for the first thirteen years of my life. It was a hard journey, but through watching
70×7, I was able to discover the path of truly living and forgiving. Now I am free for the first time
in my life! Sometimes we do face hardships, but God can use us – and I now praise Him for the
hard and amazing times in my life.

I have also been able to get over the anger and sadness of losing nine children to miscarriages.
But we are full of hope, knowing God’s time is perfect and even though we try and rush things,
God really does know what He is doing!

This past year has been really hard. I lost my grandmother, grandfather and my uncle all in one
week. But I had time to tell my grandfather that I forgave him for what he has done and, in the
end, he left this world we live in to be with the Father as he became born again.

There are no words to explain how thankful I am for 70×7. It has changed my life and I
can honestly say that I am a free woman.

Charlene*, Pretoria, South Africa

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*Names have been changed to protect the privacy of individuals.