A journey to true forgiveness and emotional healing

What a life changing experience, shares Maria from South Africa. Learning the art of full forgiveness is an essential necessity for inner peace and living with joy in our hearts. Forgiveness improves one’s self worth and our relationship with others. I had refused to forgive family who had hurt my mom. As my faith increased, I extended forgiveness, but they continued to ignore me.

I wanted to learn more about being a better Christian and chose to attend Bible School on Wheels (BSOW) 70×7 on Forgiveness. After doing this course, I completely understood what it was to truly forgive and why it was necessary for me as a person to be happy and fulfilled. I felt a sense of freedom of letting go. BSOW is helping me heal emotionally.

You too can experience this healing. Download 70×7 Finding Peace by Forgiving Others and Yourself by clicking here