Teach Every Nation Rapid Translations

I would like to be a potential volunteer translator - tell me more!
Teach Every Nation (TEN) is committed to making life-changing courses available to pastors, leaders, and students everywhere. One of the ways in which we are doing this is by translating TEN course content into as many global languages as possible.

As part of TEN’s volunteer Rapid Translations team, you will be involved in translating course workbooks, video subtitle files and/or other relevant course material elements, into any/all languages you can contribute to.

TEN requires translations to be:
– Accurate and reliable;
– Appropriately aligned to the context of the original course;
– Done as swiftly as possible;

Volunteer translators will need:
– Access to a reliable device and internet connection to access the material and save translated content;
– Sufficient time to dedicate to the translation process;
– Access to the relevant Bible version in the translation language/s

– This work is completely voluntary. No compensation will be payable to any volunteer translator for any service offered in relation to this project.
– There will be no reimbursement of any expenses incurred by the volunteer translator, in the process of translating any content as part of this project.
– Obtaining (or securing access to) a device, internet connectivity, data to access the Internet, a suitable working venue and refreshments, etc., (and covering any costs related to these aspects, if relevant) will be the volunteer translator’s responsibility for the duration of their involvement in this project.
– Translators invest as much of their time as they choose; there is no minimum required number of hours.

– No volunteer translator will receive any recognition or credit in the final versions of translated materials, whether once-off or ongoing, current or future, in any format.
– All translated content, along with the original materials supplied to the volunteer translator for purposes of executing the translation work, will remain the sole property of TEN.

– TEN will require all volunteer translators to sign an agreement confirming their commitment to become involved in the translation project and agreeing to the terms.
– Translation work can only commence once the agreement has been signed.

Please complete the contact form, should you wish to receive more information regarding the Rapid Translations project.