70×7 Finding Peace by Forgiving Others and Yourself.
This course taught me how to forgive someone that hurts you deeply. It’s worth it to set yourself free and feel that release from the tortures that keep you awake at night. I thank God for releasing me from my own guilt. How to Double your Church, Business & Personal Productivity This course is such an amazing subject. God blessed us with gifts so we shouldn’t misuse them. Now I have no excuse, but to follow the good work from all the wonderful teachings. Do the best to deserve a “well done”.
What on Earth is God doing in my Life?
I now know that whatever happens in my life will be in His hands. This course emphasises that whatever we do, we do it for the glory of God. I’m determined to know the mind of Christ considering the way He prunes us to become better people. His care and control in my life, I accept whole heartedly because God’s plan is always good.