What a course this was! So deep, so revealing, so intense, so sharp. I have never been so shaken to the core.

As a result of being under this teaching, I have never had to do so much reflection on my life, on the control of my thoughts, my reactions, and my actions. Am I grateful enough to God for all the miracles and wonders He has done in my life? How many timeshave I had countless complaints and murmurs? I have never been so aware of the magnitude of my actions and ofhaving the Word of God as a reminder in my thoughts. I have never had so much desire to stay in connection with the Holy Spirit.

I also came to realize through the Testing of Your Faiththat trials do not mean that God is not with me -because He promised that He would never leave me or forsake me. As painful as it can be, this testing is profitable for it gives me patience that I need to endure on the journey. There is a purpose in pain because the benefits are so much greater than the suffering.

He allows trials to come into my life to better me for His glory, as God is sovereign. As of now, when suffering comes, and it will, I know that I need to ask God to sanctify it and use it to make me more steadfast in my faith.

~ Esther Policard Clotaire, Haiti.