Pastor Clive, from Saldanha Bay South Africa, feels empowered by the TEN courses, and shares the following:

70×7 Finding Peace by Forgiving Others and Myself

I struggle to forgive people that’s hurt me, because I want them to feel the pain and hurt that I was feeling, but instead I was suffering, lying nights awake and struggling with illnesses. When I started with this TEN course, I learned how to deal with unforgiveness. It changed my life and restored my relationship with Christ. We as leaders force people to forgive but never understand that it must come from the heart. Now, when dealing with members of my congregation, I can put it into practice what I have learned with those dealing with unforgiveness. I allowed the Holy Spirit to take control of the process according to the principles I have learned from this powerful inspiring course.

How to double your Church

We have to work with the talents that God has given us to do good works to double it. We will be accountable before Christ for our works on earth. I can apply these principles in our church to double our productivity and church. Christ himself builds and increases His church if we do what He wants and how He wants it. These biblical principles in Proverbs 8 are the secret by setting exponential  goals and with TEN courses I can achieve it.

What on Earth is God doing with my Life?

This TEN course is so much needed in my journey with Christ, as it answered the question of what was going on in my life. I have to ask God to show me His way as He is the Vine dresser, and He is in charge of my life. Pruning by God is His way of helping me bear much fruit. I have learned through the universal abiding tools for the believer to remain abiding in Him and have fellowship with Him, then I will always bear much fruit.

Anyone Can Become a Great Communicator

This course helped me to change my way of preaching and facilitating. I started to move out of my comfort zone which bored my audience. Now I know how to keep the attention of my audience all the time. I see the results in my learners’ performance. Since applying the Law of expectation I’m in control of my students’ performance and results.