In 2022, Bible School on Wheels (BSOW) reached Noenieput, a secluded town in the heart of the Kalahari, Northern Cape. Named after a well dug near a Noenie tree, Noenieput is home to a dwindling population, the town having been bypassed by a major road.

In the midst of this remoteness, the residents of Noenieput are overjoyed that BSOW has not overlooked them. Having successfully completed year 2 of their training, they share their thoughts: (translated from their home language of Afrikaans)

“I learnt so much. I understand how I can use my knowledge of the Bible further.”

“I realise so much more now how the Bible should be understood.”

“It is a privilege to be with bible school. We are hearing things we never hear in the church. Its something different to church … “

“I have learnt things I never knew before. It shows me the path of Jesus Christ.”

“Since last year when I started, I can use what I learned in a practical way, and can share it with others.”

“If it wasn’t for BSOW, I wouldn’t be able to cope with what I have had to cope with. My load is lighter …”

We praise God for those who have been faithful in taking BSOW to these remote areas.