Derick Manqele, Richards Bay, expresses his gratefulness to TEN:

We have found the Teach Every Nation Program so easy and adaptable. Together with the support of Beacon of Hope, the TEN program is going to help us to involve the local people of the Schools we are involved in. My duty as the Chairperson is to get the local pastors involved in casting our vision of bringing help to them and their Churches and the Community they live in.

We are recruiting 10 Pastors from 2 places of our Influence (eMpangeni/Richards Bay and Nongoma/Hlabisa, KwaZulu-Natal). Each Partnering Pastor will bring 4 people who will be trained in Bible School on Wheels (BSOW), firstly for their own benefit and to then to invade the schools. BSOW is coming along side to help us to accelerate our effectiveness in the Vision of BEACON OF HOPE.

I am convinced that God wants this for His glory in the Communities we are working in.